Ron Miller's World This is the official website of Dr. Ronald H. Miller: Professor of Religion at Lake Forest College; Co-Founder of Common Ground; Board member at Hands of Peace; author and frequent lecturer on various theological topics including interreligious dialogue, early Christianity and spirituality. Ron left this earth on the morning of 5/4/2011, but his impact on the world certainly didn't. This website exists to keep the conversation going.


Two German Poems

Two German poems, casually recited by Ron, while walking at his annual Thomas Merton Retreat in Bardstown, KY. This was filmed during the 2010 retreat. Du bist wie eine Blume Du bist wie eine Blume Du bist wie eine Blume So hold und schön und rein: Ich schau’ dich an, und Wehmut Schleicht mir ins […]


Meditation with Ron Miller

Guided Through the Being and the Universe with Dr. Ron Miller. Recorded in May 2010 on a Common Ground retreat “The Way of the Monk” at St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, IL.



Directions for Writing Your Own Christian Theology

Part One: Scripture Note: You can easily adjust these directions to write Jewish or Muslim theology as well. A Christian theology consists of a coherent and well-reasoned account of one’s faith. Having spent many years studying the Christian theology of Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), I would opt for his works as containing the best Christian theology […]


True or False?

True or False?

Ever since the western world fell in love with the scientific method in the 17th century, a fundamental confusion began working its way into how we think. Truth came to be identified with facts; myths came to be thought of as lies; and the methods of the hard sciences came to be regarded as the […]

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