Ron Miller's World This is the official website of Dr. Ronald H. Miller: Professor of Religion at Lake Forest College; Co-Founder of Common Ground; Board member at Hands of Peace; author and frequent lecturer on various theological topics including interreligious dialogue, early Christianity and spirituality. Ron left this earth on the morning of 5/4/2011, but his impact on the world certainly didn't. This website exists to keep the conversation going.


Ron Provides A Year’s Worth of Prayers

Ron’s best-selling book Wisdom of the Carpenter: 365 Prayers & Meditations of Jesus is now available in a new edition in both paperback and digital formats. Simply visit the RON’S BOOKS menu on this website or click HERE to go directly to Amazon to preview the book and get either the paperback or Kindle version […]


Rooftop Consciousness Award Given at Hands of Peace

At this year’s Annual Farewell Dinner on 27 July 2011, Hands of Peace gave away a “Rooftop Consciousness Award” in honor and memory of their friend and devoted Board member, Ron Miller. Click HERE to read the post about the Farewell Dinner at Hands of Peace. There were two recipients of the award: an Arab-Israeli […]


Eight Talks from the Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society in America

The Theosophical Society in America in Wheaton, IL welcomed Ron Miller inside their doors several times over the years. And fortunately, they recorded, edited and produced each of Ron’s talks, while also making them available for sale on their website. Very kindly, they sent me each of these talks and are allowing me to share […]


Hands of Peace to Honor Ron with Award

Hands of Peace

HANDS OF PEACE creates “Rooftop Consciousness Award” in honor of Ron Miller to be given at their annual Farewell Banquet on 7/27/2011 in Evanston, IL. Guests can also see and hear the impact that Hands of Peace is having on the Israeli, Arab-Israeli, Palestinian and American participants. A delicious Middle Eastern dinner and Silent Auction […]