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Moving Forward on Iraq: How Do We Leave & When?

iraq soldier carrying baby

This post includes both the written transcript and the video of this expert panel discussion on the Iraq War and the various exit strategies. This Town Hall Forum was recorded in Northbrook, IL on January 7, 2006. Co-sponsored by: Tenth Congressional District Democrats – North Suburban Peace Initiative – The Democracy Cell Project […]



From Commissar to Commandant: The Recent Papacy

Pope Benedict XVI

When John Paul II was elected pope in 1978, a Jesuit friend of mine in Rome telephoned me to say that the assembled cardinals had elected “the best of the commissars”. The subsequent twenty-seven years proved him to be right on target. The impetus of the Second Vatican Council died with John XXIII. Paul VI […]


Four Years Later


September 11, 2005 is the fourth anniversary of a tragic event that changed our nation’s history forever. Anniversaries like this are natural occasions to ask ourselves what we have learned during the interval, what we did right or wrong, and what we can do better in the future. Somehow this anniversary leads me to a […]


Post Electionem MMIV

2004 Election Results

After the 2004 Election In tenebras carissima descendit patria dum super nos nubes congregant nigrae. Caeci ignotique sua in potestate gaudent ubi regnat superbe imperii arrogantia. Quid possumus nunc agere hoc in tempore triste? Semper speremus laboremusque fortiter Quia obscuram post noctem Certe aurea apparebit aurora. Our beloved country descends into shadows while dark clouds […]